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Maritime and Construction Accidents Cases

$3 Million Policy Limit Settlement
Monroe County (Florida), May 2005
Bignall v. Princess Cruise Lines, et al.
Passenger Falls Overboard from
Mexican Excursion Craft in Mexican Waters
Propeller of Catamaran Mangles Victim’s Leg
Multiple Surgeries Ultimately Resulting in
Amputation of Leg Below the Knee

$3 Million Jury Verdict
Multnomah County Circuit Court, March 2000
Estate of Ray Whitney v. Champion Road Machinery and Western Power & Equipment
Wrongful Death - Strict Products Liability
58-Year-Old Heavy Equipment Operator, Husband and Father
Crushed by Road Grader - Faulty Design of Seat Safety Device

$850,000 Settlement
U.S. Federal District Court - District of Oregon, September 1998
Estate of Stephen Ackers v. AGI, Inc.
47-Year-Old Husband and Father - Design Engineer
Third-Party Negligence Resulted in Wrongful Death on Construction Site Accident

$850,000 Settlement
Lane County Circuit Court, January 1995
Estate of Hubbard v. Delta Sand & Gravel Corp.
Wrongful Death - Construction Company Negligence
35-Year-Old Housewife & Mother
Construction Equipment Crushed Victim’s Car

$800,000 Settlement
U.S. Federal District Court, January 1994
Bacon v. Billabong Shipping & Exxon Corp.
Shipyard Negligence
Gangplank Fell on 33-Year-Old Construction Worker
Crushed Hips & Psychological Injuries

$700,000 Jury Verdict
Multnomah County Circuit Court, 1991
Peterson v. R.L. Coats Construction
Failure to Warn - Highway Construction Site Accident
Plaintiff Drove her Vehicle off the Roadway
49% Contributory Negligence Finding
Back Injuries

$642,000 Jury Verdict
Multnomah County Circuit Court, February 1990
Hardt v. Columbia Plywood Corporation
Construction Site Accident - Shoulder Injury
Employers Liability Act Case
Affirmed on Appeal, lll Or App 353 (1992)

$500,000 Settlement
U.S. Federal District Court, November 1995
Teresa Lindseth v. Teknor Apex
40-Year-Old Fry Cook’s Burns and Traumatic Diabetes
On-the-job Fall onto Kitchen Floor into Hot Oil
Design Defect of Rubber Floor Mats

$470,000 Settlement
U.S. Federal District Court - District of Oregon, August 1998
Gary Schultz v. Stone Forest Industries
Millwright Injured When Saw Connects with 650 Volt Electric Line
Negligence - Mill Owner and Auctioneer Negligence
Burn Injuries Over 19% of Plaintiff’s Body

$350,000 Jury Verdict
United States Federal District Court, April 1990
Waible v. Sun Shipping
Third-Party Maritime Case
Knee Injury - Award for Pain and Suffering Only

$250,000 Jury Verdict
Multnomah County Circuit Court, July 1996
Greta Bolger v. Port of Cascade Locks
Jones Act Maritime Case
Young Woman Sustained 10% Compression Fracture After Falling Down Unsafe Staircase
Wage Loss - 2 Days Missed from Work
$30,000 Offer

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