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Product Liability Cases

$12.3 Million Verdict
($8.3 Million Punitive)

Multnomah County Circuit Court, November 2002
Estate of Scott Groth v. Hyundai Motor Company, Inc.
Wrongful Death - Strict Products Liability
30-Year-Old Lathe Operator, Husband and Father
Struck and Killed When a Bronze Impeller Penetrated
the Hyundai Lathe’s Viewing Window and Door
Affirmed on Appeal, 209 OR App. 781 (2006)

$5.4 Million Jury Verdict
Multnomah County Circuit Court, April 1990
Harris v. Gilbert Pacific Corporation
Highway Design Defect
Car Lost Control on Uneven Pavement of I-5
Spinal Injury Resulting In Paraplegia - Contested Liability

$5 Million Settlement During Second week of Trial
Multnomah County Circuit Court, November 2004
(Multiple Parties)
Products Liability and Negligence; Punitive Damages
Failure of Medical Schools and Tissue Banks to
Warn Victims Human Tissue Contaminated
With Hepatitis C Virus
3 Allograft Recipients Contracted Hepatitis C Virus

$4 Million Jury Verdict
Multnomah County Circuit Court, 1992
Davis v. Gomaco Corporation
Products Liability - Brain Injury and Paralysis
42-Year-Old Construction Foreman
$800,000 Non-Economic Damages Award

$3.25 Million Settlement
Dade County Circuit Court, July 1994
Maxwell v. Ayers Aircraft, et al.
Turbo Jet Explosion - Airplane Products Liability
Severe Burns to 42-Year-Old Pilot

$3 Million Jury Verdict
Multnomah County Circuit Court, March 2000
Estate of Ray Whitney v. Champion Road Machinery and Western Power & Equipment
Wrongful Death - Strict Products Liability
58-Year-Old Heavy Equipment Operator, Husband and Father
Crushed by Road Grader - Faulty Design of Seat Safety Device

$1.5 Million Settlement
U.S. Federal District Court, October 1995
Joe & Robin Golden v. A to Z Rentals
Auto Accident - Defective Trailer Broke Loose
27-Year-Old Sailor’s Brain Injury & Loss of Consortium
Policy Limits Case

$1.5 Million Jury Verdict
Multnomah County Circuit Court, April 1985
Green v. Ford Motor Company
Products Liability - Automobile Design Defect
Ford Pinto Roof Crush
Wrongful Death of 21-Year-Old Mother-Passenger
in a 1980 Ford Pinto Which Struck a Horse in the Road
Case was Featured on 60 Minutes
Affirmed on Appeal, 87 Or App 298 (1987)

$750,000 Jury Verdict
Lane County Circuit Court, 1992
Howard v. U.S. Surgical Corp. and Dr. John Doe
Medical Malpractice and Products Liability
Wrongful Death of a 58-Year-Old Husband and Father
No Offer Case

$600,000 Settlement at Trial
Multnomah County Circuit Court, 1988
Coleman v. Standard Electric, et al.
Products Liability - Wrongful Death
Design Defect and Manufacturing Defect
Winch Explosion Causes Death of Husband and Father

$450,000 Jury Verdict
Multnomah County Circuit Court, 1988
Albyn v. Kuhl Trucking
Rear-End Automobile Case - Eye Injury
Contested Liability - Multiple Vehicle Freeway Accident

$300,000 Settlement
U.S. Federal District Court - District of Oregon, June 1999
Estate of Lee v. C.R. Bard, Inc.
Product Liability Claim
Product Liability Claim 72-Year-Old Retired Veteran’s Wrongful Death
Stroke During Heart Surgery at VA Hospital

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