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$165,000 Settlement
Case 2
Multnomah County Circuit Court (Oregon), September 2011
Hopkins v. Radio Cab Co. and Norris v. Traylor
Third Party Defendant Traylor's Counterclaim Against Radio Cab Co.
Settled Before Trial for
Remaining $165,000 on $1 Million Policy
Emotional Distress Damages Only

$100,000 Policy Limits Settlement
Clackamas County (Oregon), April 2011
Ross v. Wiebold
Pedestrian/Automobile Wrongful Death
51-Year-Old Woman
Struck and Killed by Automobile
In Grocery Store Parking Lot

$835,000 Settlement
Case 1
Multnomah County Circuit Court (Oregon), March 2011
Hopkins v. Radio Cab Co. and Norris
Rear-End Automobile Injury Case
28-Year-Old Electrician
Shoulder Injury

Tom Baisch Jury Verdict
King County Superior Court (Seattle, Washington), March 2011
Insurance Company Appeals from Arbitration Award of $22,316
Jury Awards $17,811 Verdict
Verdict Exceeds Plaintiff's Final Offer of $15,000
Court Awards Additional $65,175 Prevailing Plaintiff's Attorney Fees

$200,000 Policy Limits Settlement
Multnomah County (Oregon), February 2011
Car Strikes Baby in a Stroller in a Crosswalk
Young Parents' First Born 23-Month-Old Infant Is Killed

$3 Million Settlement (Approx.)
January 2011
(Confidential Parties)

$1 Million Policy Limits Settlement
Multnomah County Circuit Court (Oregon), December 2010
Estate of Thai Williams
Liquor Liability Dram Shop Case
Automobile Wrongful Death
36-Year-Old Father of 3 Minor Children
Killed by a Drunken Driver

$850,000 Settlement
Multnomah County Circuit Court (Oregon), November 2009
Medical Malpractice — Family Practice Doctors
Failure to Diagnose Liver Disease
30 Year Old Carpenter
Liver Transplant

$1.5 Million Settlement
Multnomah County Circuit Court (Oregon), Summer 2009
Automobile Injury Case
17 Year Old Passenger
Facial Scars and Head Injuries

$1.6 Million Settlement
King County (Washington), March 2009
Church Youth Group Retreat
Negligent Supervision — Dangerous Premises
Head Injuries — Minor Children — Sledding Accident

$3 Million Present Value
($15 Million Structured Settlement
for Surviving Family Members)

Multnomah County Circuit Court, December 2007
King Family v. Union Pacific RR, et al.
Wrongful Death - Personal Injury Claims
Train Collides with Car at Hazardous Rural Railroad Crossing in Oregon
Causing Death of 31-Year-Old Mother-To-Be
And Emergency Caesarean Birth of 29-Week-Old Fetus

$4 Million Pre-Trial Settlement
Multnomah County Circuit Court, October 2005
(Confidential Parties)
Medical Malpractice
Failure to Timely Diagnose and Treat Sepsis Infection
41-Year-Old Woman Caused to Undergo
Bilateral BK Amputations of Her Legs

$1.8 Million Pre-Trial Settlement
Multnomah County Circuit Court, September 2005
A Minor Child v. Anonymous Doctor
Medical Malpractice
Negligent Casting and Failure to Follow Up
Arm Fracture of 3-Year-Old Minor
Compartment Syndrome
Permanent Nerve and Soft Tissue Damage

$3 Million Policy Limit Settlement
Monroe County (Florida), May 2005
Bignall v. Princess Cruise Lines, et al.
Passenger Falls Overboard from
Mexican Excursion Craft in Mexican Waters
Propeller of Catamaran Mangles Victim’s Leg
Multiple Surgeries Ultimately Resulting in
Amputation of Leg Below the Knee

$5 Million Settlement During Second week of Trial
Multnomah County Circuit Court, November 2004
(Multiple Parties)
Products Liability and Negligence; Punitive Damages
Failure of Medical Schools and Tissue Banks to
Warn Victims Human Tissue Contaminated
With Hepatitis C Virus
3 Allograft Recipients Contracted Hepatitis C Virus

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